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SnapGene is a set program for everyday molecular biology. This software is used for fastest and easier way to plan, visualizing and documenting DNA Cloning and PCR. It is very easy to annotate features and design parameters by using SnapGene application. It sets a new standard for molecular biology applications. Molecular biology requires efficient and easiest ways to visualizing gene sequences and its related data. You can visualize, annotate and simulate DNA procedures in easiest and efficient way with the help of SnapGene for Mac. It provides better and effective viewing in molecular biology.

The people who are looking for an ergonomic gene visualization solution they can use SnapGene viewer for molecular biology procedures. This software is much suitable for biology labs and researchers. For creating and sharing richly annotated sequences files SnapGene viewer is a versatile tool. Many file formats can be opened by it. It is very easy because there are no barriers to seeing your data. SnapGene has a beautiful graphical interface which is especially for marking features and multiples sequences alignments.

The functionality of SnapGene:

  • Best for simulating your DNA manipulations and easiest planning.
  • Effective visualization of reading frames,, ORFs and primer binding sites.
  • It records the steps in a cloning project automatically.
  • You can share with other researchers your annotated sequence files.
  • Provides video clips for basic learning steps.
  • Has graphical user-friendly interface for best working.

SnapGene Keygen + Serial key

SnapGene has a database of vector sequences. If you want to open the annotated sequence of  mRFP-RAB5 in SnapGene then open the top menu and click on open button. First, browse the mRFP-Rab5.txt file and open it. SnapGene will ask you that sequence is linear or circular. Since this is a vector sequence so, select circular. Now click OK button to open the sequence in SnapGene.

The procedure of changing annotation of sequences in SnapGene:

Firstly change the name of ORFs and break ORFs frame into two parts:

Frames splitting:

  • The position from 613 to 1329 of mRFP1.
  • The position from 1330 to 1977 of Rab5.

Click the “window” in the top menu and select mRFP-rab5 for switching back to mRFP-rab5. Right-click ORF frame2 in the map and select from Edit feature. Now change the features name in NeoR/kanR and click ok. The second job is to change the name of ORF frame1 and just annotate it. Then do all with ORF frame 1 that with ORF frame 2. After it split the features into 2 segments or parts. Fill the given options such as names, start and stop positions of these two genes and then click on ok.

How to design primers in SnapGene?

For designing primers SnapGene is not an effective and ideal tool. SnapGene cannot check the specifications of primers and does not take into account the ability of primers to form dimers or hairpins. See “primer design in SnapGene tutorials” which describe you that how you can switch between views, change a view or show additional information that will be very useful.

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